5 Unique Facts about Praying Mantis, Able to Turn Head Up to 180 Degrees

The praying mantis or praying mantis is one type of insect that mostly lives in the tropics. Named the praying mantis, because of the attitude of his feet that often look like he is praying.

Praying mantis can be found easily in the rice fields to the yard of the house. There are some unique facts about this six-legged animal that are interesting to discuss. What are they? Come on, see the line!

1. The small predator that can prey on insects to birds

It has spiked legs, making it easier for this one animal to grip and prevent enemies from escaping. Generally, praying mantis will prey on insects such as spiders, crickets and fellow grasshoppers.

Even a surprising fact, some reptiles such as lizards and frogs as well as small birds are also often hunted.

The praying mantis will begin to prey on the birds by gnawing at the skull and eating the brain first.

2. Able to camouflage to outwit potential predators and prey

To outwit predators and prey, the praying mantis can camouflage well to follow the color of its environment. These animals can resemble the color of grass, leaves and logs so that they are almost unrecognizable by their opponents.

Uniquely, the praying mantis will swing from side to side following the movement of the wind in camouflage. This behavior makes the opponent unaware of his presence.

3. The San in South Africa believe in him as a God

The name praying mantis is pinned because of the attitude of his feet that looks like a praying prophet. Not just any name, apparently the San tribe, residents of the Kalahari desert, South Africa also believe in him as the oldest god who has supernatural powers.

The San tribe considers the praying mantis as a messenger of God who will send a message to his people. They will try to see, observe, decipher messages, then read signs of events from the arrival of the animal.

4. The female grasshopper will prey on the male shortly after mating

Sadistically, the female praying mantis will cut off the male’s head after having intercourse, then eat it. Investigate a calibaration, this is done to obtain adequate food intake for the survival of the prospective eggs resulting from the relationship.

Not only the head, the male’s body will also slowly be devoured until nothing is left. According to some sources, this male sacrifice is done solely to preserve the population. It’s so tragic, guys !

5. Can rotate the head up to 180 degrees

Maybe you will be surprised again by the following facts. The praying mantis is the only insect that has the ability to turn its head up to 180 degrees. 

With this kind of advantage, it is easier for the praying mantis to look all over the side without having to move other body parts. So that potential prey and predators cannot feel the presence of this one animal. 

Well, those are some facts about praying mantis. It turns out that although small, these animals have advantages and habits that are rarely owned by other animals. Really unique, huh!

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