5 Ways to Install Correct and Easy Curtains According to the Type of Curtain

Curtains are almost never absent from decorative ornaments. The choice of model, type of fabric, and its placement will determine the atmosphere you want to build from a room.

Then, how to install curtains? You need to know that the installation of curtains is always adjusted to the type of curtain that will be used. Come on, just look at the steps below!

  1. How to install regular model curtains

Regular model curtains are the simplest and easiest to install types of curtains. It doesn’t have many layers and is sufficient to adjust to the size of the top of the window frame and the type of curtain hanger support. Let’s look at the order of installing curtains in the following regular model.

  • Measure the top frame of your window on which the curtains will hang. Mark both ends for easy mounting of the stand.
  • Adjust the type of curtain support you want to use. If you want to use curtain rings, you just need to buy a regular rod-shaped support. You just need to insert a ring into each end of the curtain and attach it to the rod.
  • There is also a kind of rail rod type curtain support that has a kind of track to pull the curtain fabric so that it can be closed and opened. You simply attach the hooks on the rails to each hole in the curtain fabric.
  1. How to install curtains with bangs

You need two supports to install the bangs curtains. One support for the main curtain and another for the bangs. The first support is placed behind the second support. The order of installation can be started from the main curtain and then followed by the curtain bangs as a cover. The method is the same as installing the usual curtains before.

However, there is another alternative if you want to stick with one support. Install special rail supports that can accommodate two or more rails in one stand. Install the main curtain on the first rail and hang it on the back of the support, closest to the window frame. Then, the second rail for curtain bangs, place it in front of the main curtain.

  1. How to install butterfly curtains

Before deciding to use this model of curtains, make sure your window frame tends to be high and narrow. After that, provide two supports for the top and bottom of the frame. Hook the rails or rings on the curtain fabric to the installed supports. Arrange the curtain fabric so that it is neater and the folds are evenly distributed. Finally, tie the center of the curtains with ornaments such as ropes, curtain belts, and ribbons.

  1. How to install roller blinds

Roller blinds model comes with a more minimalist look. Usually found in offices and homes of modern style. Sticking with a simple impression, how to install roller blinds is also very easy. Currently, there are many who sell a package of roller blinds and you only need to attach a support to the roller blind  and place it in the desired window.

Then, make sure the remote control is active to close and open the curtains later. If you want a manual method, this type of curtain also has a chain that you can pull when you want to close and open the curtains.

  1. How to install curtains without rail supports

Most curtains are installed using rail supports. However, for those of you who want to install curtains without drilling a wall, of course, you can’t apply the row of methods above. The solution is to replace the curtain rail support with alternative materials such as wire, rope, tree wood, iron or used pipes.

These materials are strong enough to support curtains whose fabrics tend to be light. Prepare nails or other ornaments on both sides of the window. You need to pay attention to the installation so that it is really tight and strong.

Well, those are some ways to install curtains based on the type of curtain you want. Congratulations on adjusting to the room decor and curtain model you’ve chosen, OK~

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