6 Health Reasons That Wearing Sunglasses Is Important

Living in a tropical country that is flooded with sunlight like in Indonesia, whether you like it or not, will require you to wear external protection such as sunblockand eye protection from the sun . Yep, it’s obligatory for you to wear these two things when you have to travel during the day for health reasons.

Now, if the use of sunblock  is increasingly recognized by many people, it seems that the use of sunglasses or sunglasses is still far below the top ten of our needs when traveling. In fact, it’s not only our skin that needs to be protected from exposure to UV A and UV B rays, but our eyes too! Here are 6 reasons why sunglasses must be included in our must-have item list. It’s definitely not just for fashion!

1. Protects the eye area from the threat of skin cancer. Yup, this area is more sensitive so it’s vulnerable to UV A and UV B rays

Our eye area is very sensitive so it deserves maximum protection. Even 10% of skin cancer cases are found in your eye area! By wearing good sunglasses and covering the eye area and surrounding skin, the risk of skin cancer is reduced.

2. Protects the eyes from the risk of cataracts, glaucoma, mucular degeneration, and pterygium. This is the most important, Guys !

This shouldn’t be a question anymore. The main function of sunglasses is to protect the eyes from the dangers of various eye diseases that can cause discomfort and even blindness, such as cataracts, glaucoma, mucular degeneration and pterygium. Therefore, it is important for you to choose sunglasses that have up to 100% protection for maximum protection.

3. Don’t think going to a cold and snowy place you won’t need your eye protection glasses!

Did you know that snow can reflect 80% of UV rays which can cause ‘ snow blindness ‘ syndrome or blindness due to glare from reflected snow. Well, the reflection of sunlight is at risk of burning the cornea of ​​the eye so it needs protection by using sunglasses .

4. Glasses are not just for style action, but also protect the eyes from fine particles such as dust, sand, dirt and insects carried by the wind

Well, with the help of eye protection such as sunglasses , the risk of small particles from the streets can be reduced. Don’t be afraid of being said to be pretty and coquettish because you carry sunglasses everywhere , your eyes are just irritated!

5. Did you know that the use of sunglasses will give you a clearer, better and spectacular view, especially in places where the sun is abundant

Using polarized lens sunglasses  can actually help your eyes see the surrounding scenery better and interesting you know! With the right choice of sunglasses , you will be able to see sharper scenes, less light reflection and better color contrast. See the difference in the photo. Different, right?

6. Believe it or not, good sunglasses  will give you a sense of comfort and reduce dizziness or migraines caused by sunlight

You may not have realized it, while on vacation or traveling in the hot sun, you often feel dizzy or have migraines. Besides being able to be triggered by the heat of the surrounding air, it turns out that sunlight that is too bright can also be a trigger, you know! Well, by using good protective glasses, the eyes will be more comfortable, relaxed and not easily tired. Migraine and dizziness can be prevented~

Finally, the reason is of course sunglasses can be fashion items that can complement your appearance so that it is more beautiful and charming. But remember, sunglasses are not just a fashion need , but an important need to maintain your health. So from now on, just ignore it if someone comments “Cheer up on your true style, it’s like going to the beach!” when you carry sunglasses everywhere. After all, your health is more important, right?

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