7 Ways to Check Original or Fake iPhone Before Buying. Beware of Deception!

Smartphones have become a mandatory object that cannot be separated from people today. Smartphones are commonly used for daily communication, work, and even for studying. No wonder that many of them choose to look for a capable smartphone . One smartphone that is known to be sophisticated and quality is the iPhone.

This Apple product is indeed in great demand by many people, especially young people. However, due to so much market demand, it is not uncommon for fake iPhones to circulate nowadays. At first glance, the appearance of this phone is exactly like the original. Therefore, you need to know how to check for a genuine or fake iPhone before deciding to buy. Come on, see the following seven ways!

1. Check the original iPhone via IMEI similarity

IMEI is an important part of every smartphone. In addition to detecting the presence of a cellphone, IMEI can also be used to distinguish whether an iPhone is genuine or fake. How to check the official iPhone IMEI is to check the USSD code *#06# via the phone dial. In addition, the iPhone IMEI check can also be checked via the settings menu. How to check the original iPhone via IMEI is to check the IMEI similarity found on the system, physical, and cardboard. If the three numbers in the three places are the same, then the iPhone is genuine.

2. Check the iPhone material according to the specifications

As one of the smartphones marketed for the upper middle class, the iPhone certainly has premium materials. Almost all smart phone devices of this type use high quality metal and glass materials. How to check the original iPhone X, for example, it uses a glass material that feels sturdy and strong. Not using plastic materials that seem cheap and fragile. Pay attention to the body specifications of the type of iPhone that you will buy and adjust it to the goods offered. This method can be used to find out whether the iPhone you are going to buy is genuine or not.

3. Check the features and OS used

The feature available for all iPhone 5s series and above is equipped with a fingerprint . If you buy an iPhone above that series but there is no fingerprint , then it could be that the iPhone you bought is fake.

Don’t forget to also look at the suitability of the specifications offered for the iPhone series that you are going to buy. How to check the original iPhone or other kw can also be done by paying attention to the operating system used. As an Apple product, the iPhone has always used the iOS system. While fake iPhones usually use Android. The original iPhone also used the App Store app to install apps instead of Google Play like Android.

4. Pay attention to the retina display feature seen on the iPhone screen

Retina display is part of the technology of Apple products that was introduced on the iPhone 4. With retina display, the iPhona screen display will be very clear and smooth because it has a high resolution. Meanwhile, fake iPhone screens usually only have a less clear and low-resolution screen.

5. Make sure the device has no external memory

Another way to check the original iPhone iBox is to check if there is an external memory. Unlike Android, iPhone always offers a large internal memory. They deliberately provide a large memory capacity because it is not equipped with external memory. So, if the iPhone you are going to buy has an external memory slot, then you need to be careful if the smartphone is fake.

6. Connect iPhone to device with iTunes installed

Another easy way to check iPhone is original or hdc (fake) is to use iTunes. You can connect the iPhone that you are going to buy to a device that has iTunes installed. If iTunes can detect the phone, then you can be sure it is a genuine iPhone. On the other hand, if the phone is not connected to iTunes, then it is most likely a fake iPhone.

7. Check warranty status, fake iPhones have no warranty

Another way to check the original iPhone is with the warranty code that was given when purchasing the iPhone. If you buy a cellphone at an Apple official store, then the warranty provided is an official warranty. You can confirm this by visiting the official Apple website. However, if you buy the device at an unofficial store, you should ask the seller directly. The reason is, there is also an iPhone with a store and distributor warranty. By checking the warranty, then we will know the iPhone is original or not. The reason is, a fake iPhone may not have a warranty.

That’s seven ways to check original and fake iPhones that usually circulate in Indonesia. Don’t be fooled by just a cheap price or a beautiful appearance!

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