7 Ways to Smile When Taking Photos to Look Sincere and the Results are Good

Do you know? A sincere smile is believed to be able to improve your beauty and image, you know. Not only when you meet other people, the smile you make when taking pictures will also give a distinct impression to those who see it. Because usually a good and interesting picture is seen from the way you smile.

The best smiles are made up of visible movement of your lips and teeth. Some smiles do show visible lip and tooth movements, but not all of them are sincere. Well, to create a genuine smile that will attract the attention of others when taking pictures, there are special tricks that you can apply. Here he is!

1. Get used to smiling not only lips, but also eyes. Show your best eyes smile  to melt anyone who sees it

One of the smiles that many people like is the eyes smile. This smile accompanied by eye movements while squinting will make anyone who sees you will be fascinated. This is because the smile that is formed from the lips and eyes shows a natural expression and is not forced. Your smile will look sincere and please anyone who looks at it.

2. Want to look more attractive? Stick your tongue between your teeth when you smile

Try to tell the difference between people who smile normally and those who smile while sticking their tongue out between their teeth. You will certainly think that a smile with the position of the tongue between the upper and lower teeth implies that your face looks more cheerful. In addition, you will look younger too. Don’t use this method for a formal photo session, okay?

3. Chubby cheeks are not a problem. Overcome it by smiling while looking down with the camera tilted

For those of you who have chubby cheeks, you will usually hesitate to smile widely to pose for photos. You think the smile that forms later will make your face look wider. Hipwee Tips has a way to overcome this, namely by smiling while looking down with the camera tilted. That way your face won’t look chubby, it’s even more cute and adorable.

4. Smile. The method? Remember the things that made you happy

A way to show your sincerity through a smile without being fake. For that, you must learn how to feel sincerity so that the smile you create is truly what it is. Do it by remembering things that make you happy. The many beautiful moments that you have experienced certainly make your cheerful face created, right?

5. Keep your teeth and lips healthy. This is important to support your best smile

A sincere smile is also supported by healthy teeth and lips. You have to eat lots of fruits, vegetables, and mineral water so that your lips don’t dry out. In addition, the breath and air of the teeth and mouth can be fresh and clean by diligently brushing teeth. Don’t forget to regularly apply lip balm  so your lips don’t dry out. That way, you don’t have to hesitate anymore to show your best smile!

6. Don’t get tired of practicing smiling in front of the mirror. You can tell which poses and angles are the best

Don’t hesitate to practice smiling in front of the mirror. With a lot of practice, you can figure out the best angle and what smile pose works best for you. In addition, the movement of your lips and face will not be stiff anymore.

7. Change your desktop and mobile wallpaper with cute pictures to keep your mood happy always

Not only remembering happy things, changing your laptop or cellphone desktop wallpaper  with funny pictures can also affect the formation of your beautiful smile. By looking at it, your face will look cheerful, full of happiness, and cool to look at. If it’s like this, anyone who sees you will be happy too.

By practicing the methods above, your smiling photo will no longer be considered fake just because you are not sincere in expressing your face. Not only does it attract attention, the sincere smile you give when taking pictures also makes you quickly called for a job interview, lo!

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