8 Foods and Drinks that Antidote to Bad Fat Eats

Living healthy and eating a balanced diet is the dream of many people. But unfortunately, lifestyle and the influence of the surrounding environment often make it difficult for us to completely stop eating or drinking something that actually only tastes good on the tongue, but is actually detrimental to health. Moreover, coupled with the hobby of liking Instagram points containing snack recommendations (cough), it’s getting more difficult, right?take care of your health because your eyes are always hungry by nature.

Actually, there are some tricks that you can apply , so you don’t feel too guilty after eating ‘junk’ foods or snacks that are less useful, for example foods high in sugar, high in salt, high in fat or alcoholic beverages. A number of these foods and drinks can help speed up the neutralization process in digestion so that the toxins or side effects you get can be minimized. What are these foods and drinks? Take a good look at this review!

1. The duo of yogurt and berries can stimulate the body’s metabolic processes and reduce the risk of inflammation after eating unhealthy foods

Eating yogurt and berries for breakfast will help your body’s metabolism process. The content of lactobacillus bacteria will help the digestive process and reduce inflammation after you eat too many high-sugar foods or alcoholic beverages the day before. Don’t eat too much so that it irritates the stomach.

2. Do you know the myriad benefits of green tea? This drink can also help make up for your guilt after consuming too much ‘junk’

Green tea is rich in antioxidants that will help fight cell damage caused by too much ‘junk’ intake. Some research results also show that green tea helps stabilize blood sugar levels and reduce cravings.

3. Water is very important for your health, especially when you eat too many foods that are less healthy or contain caffeine

Eating too many ‘junk’ foods or caffeinated drinks makes you obliged to drink lots of water to flush out the toxins in the body. Water helps get rid of toxins (toxins) in the body, helps the digestive process and fights gas that causes bloating.

4. Not only delicious, a filling vegetable omelette will remove toxins and facilitate your digestion after consuming unhealthy food all night

High protein eggs contain the amino acid cysteine ​​which helps break down the toxin in alcohol (acetaldehyde), making it easily soluble in urine. In addition, high-fiber vegetables such as spinach and tomatoes will dispel bloating and keep your digestion going. Avoid cheese and bacon first because high-fat foods will slow the process of food into the small intestine which will trigger uncomfortable bloating, gas and stomach cramps after eating ‘junk’ food.

5. Ginger or peppermint tea besides tastes good, it can help facilitate your digestion and make your stomach feel more comfortable after eating too many ‘junk’ foods

If you find yourself feeling bloated, super bloated or feeling indigestion, ginger tea or peppermint tea will help you relieve it. Containing antispasmodics, these two drinks will help relax the muscles in your digestive organs and help release gases that make the stomach feel bloated and uncomfortable.

6. Bananas can also help overcome digestive problems after consuming too much alcohol or salty foods

If you drank too much alcohol last night, dehydration has made your body lose a lot of minerals such as potassium. Apart from bananas, coconut water and potatoes are also rich in potassium which helps your body fight the effects of bloating and dehydration from consuming too much alcohol or salty foods high in sodium.

7. Water-rich fruits such as watermelon, oranges, peaches, raspberries and grapefruit will help your digestive process and hydrate your body.

If you don’t like to drink a lot of water, adding lots of fruits like watermelon and oranges which are high in water and contain vitamins will help hydrate your body and restore vitamins and minerals that restore your body immediately. In addition, this fruit is also rich in fiber so it is very good for your digestion.

8. After feeling very guilty after eating a lot of useless food, a bowl of oatmeal  and sliced ​​pears is a smart breakfast choice

After eating junk food, eating a bowl of oatmeal that is high in fiber with a sprinkling of sliced ​​pears which are high in water and vitamins will help the digestive process and restore your body. Plus, oatmeal is less irritating to the stomach than breakfast yogurt.

Remember, the tips that we shares are only for emergency situations like for example you’ve been at a party and it’s hard to resist having a good meal there. For daily life, still make sure you regularly eat healthy and balanced foods and avoid junk foods such as fast food, snacks high in sugar or salt and alcoholic beverages. This is important in order to keep your body in good shape and healthy. After all, you are the one who will enjoy a healthy and disease-free body, right? Hopefully this article can be useful for you.

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