About Us

Famatinavalley is a Blog whose basic aim is to keep the audience up-to-date with the ever-evolving games, tech and more. Ever wondered how does your geek-friend keeps up with all the info on the latest AAA titles or the most badass hardware or that sleek software? It’s just too much info to swallow and too much places to explore. This is where we come to make a change, make a difference. We visit tonnes of websites and videos, just to bring the most important and simplest form of all the latest news you wanna know in the best digestible form out there. Be it the updates on a new hardware or a game, info of a phone or camera, or just some deep-into-the CPU stuff. This blog isn’t aimed only towards those geek-types but to everyone as we’re living in a era or constant development and to keep up with it, you gotta know what’s happening! We also aim to help people make technology their best friend and use it to the fullest as the potential it has is even a step after infinity.