Almost Similar, this is the difference between Freckles, Black Spots, and Melasma

Who still can’t move on admiring the simplicity of Meghan Markle ‘s makeup at her royal wedding the other day? There must be many people who still feel comfortable talking about their very natural facial complexion , which even seems to deliberately display black spots or freckles . His appearance looks so understated and effortless .

Well, if in the past, freckles were often covered thickly with foundation or concealer to make the skin look more flawless and flawless, now freckles  have become the main attraction, which is highlighted so that the face looks more foreign’.

Those who don’t have ‘freckles ‘ even deliberately make their own ‘artistic’ freckles which are often called ‘ fake freckles ‘. But do you actually know that freckles , age spots or black spots and melasma are different cases of hyperpigmentation? The reason is, even though they are both classified as hyperpigmentation, all three have different characters. So that you don’t just follow the trend of wearing freckles , take a look at Hipwee’s review this time, so that your insight is more open.

Freckles or facial freckles, black spots and melasma do seem the same because they provide dark pigmentation on the face. But actually all three have fundamental differences you know

Freckles , black spots and melasma can generally affect men or women, but all three have different age ranges. For example, black spots and melasma generally attack those who have an age range of 20 to 50 years. While freckles can be found on the faces of children. So the cute spots that are usually seen on the faces of children of western descent are called freckles , almost certainly not age spots  and melasma.

Well, the causes of these three kinds of discoloration or changes in skin color are more or less the same. Most of it is caused by excessive sun exposure

Freckles , black spots and melasma are often touted as ‘abnormalities’ genetically inherited or inherited from parents. In fact, these three types of skin discoloration are caused by overactive pigment cells in the skin and can be triggered by a variety of things. For example , freckles can be caused by excessive sun exposure at an early age. While the appearance of black spots can appear due to excessive exposure to UV rays from the sun, causing signs of premature aging. Well, melasma can be triggered by more complex things, such as exposure to UV rays from the sun, hormonal changes, skin inflammation, use of certain medications, thyroid disorders and stress.

Freckles used to look ugly and unsightly. Now? Many famous models deliberately display their freckles

Freckles can be formed from a relatively very young age, around 6-8 years. These small round black or brown spots tend to be harmless, spread and are generally seen in areas of the face such as cheeks, nose, neck, shoulders, hands, even hands and other areas. The cause can be due to exposure to UV rays of the sun and genetic inheritance.

Similar to freckles , dark spots are generally experienced by those who are older and occur as a result of skin aging due to excessive exposure to UV rays of the sun.

Compared to freckles , which are smaller in size and tend to be scattered, black spots generally have a wider area of ​​distribution in the form of clusters, larger shapes, different color combinations (eg brown and black) which are much darker and darker. expand faster. The difference from melasma, black spots have a more regular round shape.

Meanwhile, melasma is generally broader, in the form of irregular patches and is usually experienced by those who are more mature

Melasma has a different shape from freckles and dark spots because it generally has a wider spread. The shape also tends to be more irregular, not just small spots. Melasma often attacks facial areas such as cheeks, nose, forehead, eye folds, nose, chin, eye folds, and lips. Melasma also often attacks pregnant women who are experiencing hormonal imbalances

To overcome this, there are several easy steps that can be taken. Among other things, taking preventive measures by using sunscreen

The use of sunscreen is one of the first preventive measures you can take, especially if you have fair skin that is prone to skin discoloration. While freckles are often experienced by people of western descent , melasma is more common in Latinos, Asians, and the Middle East. If freckles  tend to disappear or diminish over time, dark spots and melasma need special treatment from a doctor, such as applying a topical cream or undergoing skin laser treatment.

The point is, we in Indonesia tend to be more likely to experience black spots and melasma than freckles. Yes, of course unless you have western blood ancestry, yes. All three are relatively harmless, unless you feel suspicious spots that are painful, spreading without any strange symptoms, don’t hesitate to immediately go to the doctor. Well, if you think you prefer a flawless appearance or just like to make your own fake freckles when you dress up?

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