Foods Queen Elizabeth II Avoids To Stay Healthy

The topic of conversation about the royal family seems to be endless. This time, we ‘re going  to highlight the amazing couple — Prince Harry and Meghan Markle . There is another fact that you can probably learn more about, namely the secret to the health and longevity of Queen Elizabeth II. Many people are amazed that the longest-serving monarch in British history is still in excellent health at the age of 92, while his days are busy with various state obligations.

Reported by Business Insider , Royal Chef, Darren McGrady, revealed a list of foods the Queen avoids, as well as being her secret to living a longer and healthier life.

1. The Queen is very abstinent from eating pasta or white bread which is actually made from wheat flour, the refined carbohydrates in it make blood sugar rise drastically

Ratu does not eat processed wheat flour such as pasta or white bread (except wheat bread) . Although made from wheat which is basically healthy, but in the processing of wheat flour, there are many nutrients that are lost. If pasta is consumed in excess, the carbohydrates contained in it will be processed by the body faster while increasing blood sugar in the body. Instead, the Queen eats a large salad, grilled fish, or chicken with two vegetables on the side.

2. Not only pasta and bread, Queen also avoids eating potatoes which have a lot of starch in them

Although rich in carbohydrates and potassium, eating too many potatoes also causes high blood pressure in the long term. Potatoes have a higher glycemic index (the speed at which food is absorbed into the blood) than other vegetables. This results in an increase in blood sugar in the body which also increases the risk of high blood pressure. Especially if the cooking method is fried, even more so!

3. The queen also never wants to eat half-cooked meat, she prefers to eat meat that is cooked to perfection

Some people prefer to eat undercooked meat, even raw. In the body of the flesh there are various types of bacteria, viruses, and parasites that will remain alive even though they are dead. Although there are also certain meats that have been sterilized. For the Queen, consuming perfectly cooked meat is considered safer because it will kill various bad organisms, thereby reducing the risk of disturbances to the body.

4. The queen will definitely choose eggs with brown shells instead of white because they taste better

Actually, the question of the taste of eggs is not determined by the color of the shell, but from the food given to laying hens. According to Deana Jones, a technology expert at the United States Department of Agriculture, brown-shelled eggs require more nutrients and energy to make than white eggs. In addition, brown eggs are generally larger in size. Maybe this factor is also the Queen’s consideration.

5. To avoid smelling breath, Queen Elizabeth will also not eat too much onion and garlic

Onions contain many vitamins and antioxidants that have tremendous benefits for the body, including preventing cancer. But the Queen will not eat too much food with onions or garlic if she wants to meet someone. This is because garlic and onions make his breath smell bad.

6. The edge of wheat bread is always set aside and is not consumed by the Queen. He even prefers to save it for bird food

The queen always asked her chef to cut the edges of the whole wheat bread before serving it with tea. The queen loves the tuna sandwich with butter, mayonnaise, thin slices of cucumber, and a dash of pepper. Regarding the edges of wheat bread, apparently there is a compound called pronyl-lysine  which is useful as an antioxidant that can help fight cancer. But it is often lost because of the mixture of acrylamide and carcinogens that appear when the crust turns brown. Hmm, need to think about it…

7. The Queen prefers to eat fruit according to the season, she will throw away the fruit that is served if it is not in accordance with the season and is genetically modified

Ratu is the most anti-fruits that are not in season, such as non-organic fruits for example. Ideally the fruit ripens on the tree with the help of nature. If using engineering such as pesticides or injected with other chemicals, it is feared that these substances will accumulate and be stored in the body. The longer the more and can cause poisoning.

8. Drinking tea without sugar is a healthy secret that has been a tradition handed down in the royal family

Tea with its antioxidant content is indeed healthy. However, if taken with a mixture of sugar, especially those obtained from roadside drink sellers or food stalls, it can increase the risk of developing diabetes, especially if the sugar used is an artificial sweetener. Excessive sugar consumption will also be converted by the body into fat deposits, especially in the stomach.

Some foods that are not consumed by Queen Elizabeth II are her secret to staying fit even at the age of 92 this year. You can really use it as an inspiration to live your daily life, who knows in the future you will be healthy and happy until you are old, even though the one who determines the life and death of humans is God Almighty too.

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