Secrets of Japanese Woman’s Face Wash that Makes Her Face Look Young

Beauty trends from various countries are always interesting to watch, especially in Asia where every year there are always new trends that are fun to watch. In the midst of the hustle and bustle of beauty trends in various media, there is one Japanese trend that has always been a role model for most Japanese women to have clear, healthy skin. It was natural for them to age elegantly. Even though he is old, he is still a teenager. What’s the secret?

Maybe you’ve often heard, that women have their own technique to clean the face ? Yep, Japanese women always take their facial cleansing process seriously, because the key to having clean, clear and youthful skin apart from maintaining a healthy lifestyle lies in how you wash your face. Curious what the steps are?

  1. Japanese women, the step of cleaning the face from make-up , dust or any residue is the beginning of the most important step. To complete this step, they often use cleansing oil

Choose a cleansing oil  or cleansing balm which is known to be more effective at ‘melting’ all kinds of cosmetic products that stick to your face. Starting from street dust to waterproof mascara, it will fade and be easier to wash off with soap and water~

Follow the easy steps below:

  • Take a sufficient amount of cleansing oil  or cleansing balm product
  • Apply on dry face, rub gently and evenly all over the face
  • Wet hands slightly, massage face gently in circular motions
  • Rinse or move on to the next step, which is washing your face~
  1. The next step that you can do after the step of dissolving all cosmetic products on the face is washing your face with soap. Psst, the soap is a bit unique and different from the soap you are used to
  2. Before proceeding to the face wash session, it is important that you know the best temperature for washing your face. Japanese women often use lukewarm water or if not, then plain cold water

Remember, don’t use hot water, which tends to damage facial skin!

  1. Now, let’s move on to the important session, which is how to wash your face Japanese style after the session to remove make-up on your face.

Japanese women strongly believe that the process of washing the face is an important ritual that must be done very gently and carefully. So there’s no story about you taking facial soap at will, then rubbing it on your face brutally. Big NO, Guys! Generally they will use facial cleansing products that can produce a very dense, soft and dense foam. To create as much and as dense foam as they use, you can use the help of a special foam net .

Oh yes, the soaps they generally use have special ingredients that can make their facial cleansing products able to produce foam as soft as velvet, very dense and soft but doesn’t make the skin dry and like being pulled.

  1. After making facial cleansing foam with a very dense and smooth texture, they will start to spread it on the face. Slowly, circularly with fingertips without touching the skin

The foam used is a very dense, soft and thick foam. The characteristics of the perfect foam that Japanese women often use to wash their face is the foam that is made in the palm of the hand with the help of a foam net , it doesn’t fall or melt when your palm is turned over. The point is, let the foam that cleans your face and hands not touch the skin directly.

  1. When cleaning your face, you can massage gently with movements that you can copy from the following short video. Do it very gently and slowly yes!


  1. Finally, rinse with water as usual and dry with a clean towel or tissue. Don’t use the same towel to wipe your body and face!

After you finish washing your face, while it’s damp, move on to the next step of your skin care. Do all the steps gently and carefully as possible yes!

How about it, isn’t it difficult to practice the beauty secrets of Japanese women? Let’s start now, try changing the way you wash your face. Who knows the skin could be smoother and clearer like the charming Japanese women. Good luck!

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